Many people pay attention to buying landed property in Lagos without knowing that properties in Ibadan appreciates faster with long-term benefits than Lagos if you buy from trusted real estate companies in Ibadan like Emir Soft Properties.

You already know that one major advantage and benefit of investing in real estate in nigeria is that it appreciates overtime and it is a source of passive income.  What if you find a real estate opportunity in a location with minimal challenges yet more advantages?  Many have invested in lands for sale in Lagos and other areas in Nigeria. But along the line, they’ve had cause to regret it. Many have jumped at offers in Lagos despite the price of  a plot of land in lagos, because they think Lagos is the best location. Yet a larger percentage of lands and properties in Lagos are under government acquisition and owners may lose their properties to the government.

You may think that Ibadan isn’t as desirable as Lagos or some other states but have you really explored all the amazing real estate opportunities in Ibadan? Have you researched trusted real estate companies in Ibadan? Emir Soft Properties is the best real estate company that sells quality properties that give value for your money.

There are so many advantages associated with investing in real estate in Ibadan over other states. 

For instance, in different places in Ibadan Nigeria, real estate is one of the most rewarding investment options. This is due to the rapidly growing population in the city. Ibadan being the largest city in Nigeria, houses a lot of people and growing industries. All of these birth the need to invest in real estate.  Real estate in Ibadan is very profitable and affordable.

Investors’ discovery

Many top real estate investors in Nigeria are beginning to discover how lucrative the real estate market in Ibadan is. Hence many have shifted base, investing heavily in Ibadan and its environs. At the same time reaping amazing profits and returns.

Advantages of investing in trusted real estate companies in Ibadan

Investors and business owners reaping the benefits of There are lots of sense in buying properties in Ibadan other than many other locations in Nigeria. Here are some advantages of investing in real estate in Ibadan.

  1. Ibadan creates Opportunities for Real estate investment trust in Nigeria

Real estate investment trust is a new form of real estate investment in Nigeria. It involves leasing of space, collecting rents on the properties, and then distributing that income as dividends to shareholders. 

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are corporations that own or provide funding for income-producing real estate across a variety of industries with properties.

Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. So that they can earn from the profits later.  You can get genuine opportunities for this in Ibadan. 

Before the development of real estate investment trusts, potential investors could only participate in real estate investments by purchasing lands to build from scratch which most times involved a long process. But with REITs, you can now buy any real estate shares in the stock market and enjoy the benefits associated with investment trusts.

As an investor, you can also own, and manage portfolios of apartment buildings, and associated real estate assets.

  1. Cheap land for sale in Nigeria exists in Ibadan

There are more opportunities to get cheap lands for sale in Ibadan. Although real estate is now more competitive in Ibadan environs, it is still easier to come across cheap lands which you can successfully invest in here. Looking for where to get cheap land in lagos, Abuja and other competitive states might prove to be a tough task. This is because the price of land in nigeria is often unstable and ever increasing. But in Ibadan, you can still get a genuine plot of land for as low as #800,000. 

The average price of 1 acre of land in nigeria is between 8 million to 30 million naira. However in Ibadan 1 acre of land can still be gotten in some areas for as low as 3 million naira.

  1. Ibadan has more serene locations for real estate

There are a lot of serene locations in Ibadan. This is  contrary to Lagos, where almost everywhere is congested.  Areas such as Oluyole Extension where Great Arena Estate is located, and Elebu extension where the OGB Court Estate is located, some areas of Omi Adio and some other locations inside Ibadan are serene and desirable for residential and investment purposes.

  1. Larger Ibadan land is free from government acquisition, corruption and politicization of allocation.

In places such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun state and the East, there are cases of stressful procedures, corruption and continuous hassles when it comes to buying land or real estate properties. To crown it all, politicization and corruption is the order of the day. The recent ICPC comprehensive study of the corruption that characterized land administration in Abuja and identified numerous red flags and possibilities of being swindled or cheated off your investment. 

All of these are less likely to happen in Ibadan. Majority of the lands in Ibadan are owned and managed by trusted real estate companies in Ibadan.

  1. Easy land approval and allocation.

In Abuja for instance, before you can easily acquire a piece of land or invest in real estate, you may need to seek approval from the minister’s office. You can find yourself faced with a lot of insurmountable challenges in your quest to get this. In Ibadan, you don’t have to bother about this. All you need is to confirm the land from the ministry through a registered surveyor. This can be done at the comfort of your home when you engage a Emir Soft services

  1. You can avoid extra costs on land documentation in Ibadan

Just last year in Lagos, fees charged for property and land regularisation as well as other documentation which was around 25 percent of the fair market value of such property was raised to over 100 per cent. There’s so much competition in Lagos such that the government raising the taxes on lands and real estate generates more internal revenue. Things are better in Ibadan.  In Ibadan after purchasing your desired land and properties, fees charged on documentation are normal, no unnecessary increase. 

  1. Minimal cases of Fake layouts and Fraudulent Allocations

In several locations in Nigeria, there’s frequent cases of fraudulent allocations of lands. Many unsuspecting buyers have regretted and suffered losses because of this. However, investing in real estate owned by trusted real estate companies in Ibadan such as Emir Soft Properties guarantee you peace of mind over your investment. You won’t have to worry about wrong layouts or being defrauded.

  1. Delays in processing land documents is minimal in Ibadan

A major challenge in land or property purchase in Lagos especially is the delays in processing land documents. There’s a lot of delay in processing land titles because of the many processes and people involved. However, with the Oyo state currently digitizing certificate of occupancy issuance and other land documents, you never have to worry about delays in processing land documents in Ibadan. 

  1. Ibadan properties have enough space compared to Lagos and some other states

For someone who appreciates having enough space on their properties, Ibadan is a better location than Lagos. There’s no challenge of congestion, limited space, need to pay for more space or incomplete land measurements in Ibadan. You can enjoy and purchase as much space as you desire.

  1. In Ibadan, there are safer Farmlands for sale in Nigeria

Perhaps your main purpose of buying land is to farm on it for a while, Ibadan is an amazing location for this. Oyo state has been a great producer of cassava for years. Several lands are available in Ibadan which can be used as farmlands and some are later converted to lands for building properties.


Property investment requires looking into the value you will get in the short or long run. Considering buying properties in Ibadan gives you the best option when it comes to quality, affordability and higher returns and profit on investment.

You will be making a smart decision if you take a step to invest in real estate in Ibadan today.

Some great locations to consider in Ibadan are around New Garage, Elebu, Tipper Garage, and Omi Adio.

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