Do you know there are certain things you need to consider before you buy land in Ibadan. Ibadan has already been established as one of the choicest places for quality and affordable land and peaceful living. However, you shouldn’t dabble into buying land in Ibadan without considering these 9 things.

These nine things we are sure will guide and help you in taking the right decision before you buy land in Ibadan and its environs.

1.   Discover where to buy cheap land in Ibadan

One of the most important things to consider when buying land in Ibadan is in areas where the cost of the land is very affordable and cheap.

Discovering opportunities for cheap land for sale is an important factor to consider when planning to buy land in Ibadan.

Although real estate is now more competitive in the Ibadan environs, it is still easier to come across cheap lands in which you can successfully invest.  The price of land in Nigeria is often unstable and ever-increasing. But in Ibadan, you can still get a genuine plot of land for as low as ₦ 300,000 and above depending on the location and its authenticity

The average price of 1 acre of land in Nigeria is between ₦ 5 million and above. However, in Ibadan, 1 acre of land can still be gotten in some areas for as low as ₦ 3 million. You can also look into farmlands for sale in Ibadan. Farmlands are usually cheaper and can easily be converted into buildings or any other type of real estate purposes. For cheap lands in Ibadan look for land for sale in Moniya Ibadan, and land for sale around Omi Adio.

2.   Discover the best places to buy land in Ibadan

There are amazing offers currently running in Emirsoft Nigeria Limited.. There is affordable land for sale in New Garage Ibadan, and land for sale in Akala Express Ibadan. All of these locations are perfect locations for lands in Ibadan. They have good accessibility and the environment is conducive and calming. The lands in these locations may not be as cheap as some other locations due to the rapid development and overwhelming building projects ongoing in those areas and estates.

3.   Know the family that owns the land

It is important to always know and ask for the genuine owner of any land before buying it.  For lands sold by families, sometimes the lands are owned by individuals by inheritance. So it is expedient that you investigate a land properly before making payments.

A competent and trustworthy real estate company in Ibadan like Emir Soft Properties do due diligence before the buy land in Ibadan from any indigenous family. They make it a professional habit to include the family name on the land document they issue to you legally. This boosts transparency and gives you a room to know about the indigenous family that previously owns the land whether by birth or by inheritance.

4.   Find out if the land has had previous disputes or scandal

How will you feel if you realize that some people have earlier fought or threatened each other over the land you just bought or are planning to buy? You won’t like this very much, especially as it is a sign that you may still encounter problems on the land. Get in touch or in contact with real estate agents who deal only with lands that have no disputes or disagreements. Emirsoft properties are one such agents who have genuine, dispute free lands for sale. There is land for sale in Elebu, New garage, Akala express and other choice areas in Ibadan. 

5.   Consider involving a property lawyer before you buy land in Ibadan

Contacting a property lawyer is a great idea when it comes to buying lands in Ibadan or any other places in Nigeria.

After you obtain a copy of your survey plan, a trusted property Lawyer who specializes in land matters can help you verify and get the land receipt to avoid future controversy.

An accredited surveyor different from the one who did the first survey can help register a copy of your survey plan with the surveyor general’s office to confirm the Land Record certificate of the land. After confirmation at the surveyor’s office, the property lawyer pays the required fees to obtain the Land record and returns it with the state Tax Receipt.

6.   Check Government acquisition on the land

It can be disastrous to buy land in Ibadan and realize that it is government property. The best way to confirm if a land is truly genuine and not government property is to get a credible surveyor to chart that site and take it to the surveyor general’s office to confirm whether it falls within the gazette and spell out the exact location where the land can be found.

A stamp showing the land is free from Government acquisition is also a good document to help ascertain if you should go ahead and buy the  land or not.

7.   Consider the physical state of the land (the topography)

A topographic land survey usually shows the height, depth, size, and location of any given piece of land. The changes or contours in elevation throughout the parcel are also seen.

A surveying-quality global positioning system (GPS) unit and an electronic distance measurement (EDM) total station theodolite (TST) is used to determine the topography. Understanding the topography, existing features, property lines, and contour lines of a land helps to know the best purpose for which the land is suited. Or if you can go ahead to buy the land.

8.   Consider building on the land almost immediately

Sometimes building on land immediately helps to secure the land. Some land sellers often try to give you a refund after you have paid for a land for years and you refuse to build or do anything on it, why some sell the same portion of land to many people. So it is essential to set aside a building plan or an amount of money which you will use to develop the land before buying it. This is not a problem when you buy land with Emir Soft Properties as they have an option to buy and invest on land. The package help you grow your income while you leave your land for a given number of years to appreciate in value.

9.   Make sure you get enough documents to back up your ownership of the land.

A popular experience people have when they buy land in Ibadan or any other parts of Nigeria as a whole is incomplete documents. This can make you lose a property you have invested so much on.

Hence you must get all the documents needed to ascertain your ownership of a land. Some of the documents you are supposed to have in possession when you buy any property include:

  • Deed of Assignment/ Deed of Transfer

This document indicates the transfer of legal ownership of the property to the buyer subject, but, to perfection. This document is very important, the buyer needs to request it when buying a property from someone who previously bought it from another person.

  • Certificate of Occupancy

The Certificate of Occupancy is one of the most important land documents in Nigeria. It can be used to certify the legal ownership status of any land in Nigeria.

  • Approved Survey Plan

Another important document to have when buying land in Nigeria.

  • Duly Perfected Assent

This is required where the house belongs to the estate of a dead person.

  • The Sale and Purchase Agreement

The Sale and Purchase Agreement contains a list of terms and conditions that are agreed to by both the buyer and the seller.

  • The Building Approval Plan

Before the commencement of construction, the builder is required to get the necessary sanctions and documents under the provisions of the Building Bylaws, Master Plan, and Local Body Acts. They include: The Building Plan and The Layout Approval.

  • The Mother Deed

The Mother Deed is also an important document that traces the ownership of the property.


We believe this content has broaden your knowledge on what things you should consider doing before you buy land in Ibadan. It is expedient to put the points mentioned into consideration to prevent you from loosing your money to land grabbers and scammers.

Considering the capacity and past dealings of an Ibadan land seller can also help determine if the seller should be patronized, trusted, and relied on. You can find out the capacity of the seller through research on the internet, word of mouth by people around, and testimonies from other buyers.

Emir Soft Nigeria Limited also known as Emir Soft Properties has simplified land and properties issues to the barest medium to ensure you get value for your money. We are confident that all lands and houses you buy from us are absolute quality, safe and free from government acquisition or any hassle.

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