4 bedrom flat for sale in Ibadan - distressed properties for sale in Ibadan

Distressed properties for sale in Ibadan – What great investors should look into

Do you know  you can get good deals on distressed properties for sale in Ibadan that will give you a high return in a short or long run? These properties mostly cost less than they should in Ibadan to give a better chance to maximize profit on your investment? This can happen if you look into investing in distressed properties. Many investors have discovered how profitable and good it is to invest in distressed properties most especially in Ibadan than many other locations. All they need to do is get access to distressed properties listings. You can either decide to invest in them for flipping purposes or for personal use.

Distressed properties listings are best discovered from a reliable source and are good opportunities to get land or properties cheaper than what it really costs. That a property is regarded as distressed doesn’t mean that anything serious is wrong with the properties, it just means that the owners of the properties are unable to maintain or own them anymore. Or in rare cases the owners of the properties are considering permanent relocation away from the location.

A distressed property may either be physically or financially (or both) unmaintained by the owner. It may also be for business and investment purposes.  Sometimes these properties are found to be in poor condition due to neglect, or because it is at risk of being foreclosed upon. However, they are never too bad to be renovated. This also won’t reduce the ability to make profit from them. Distressed properties listings always offer undervalued deals that are very attractive to investors. This helps to increase your profit margin. 

Who can buy distressed properties for sale in Ibadan

Anyone with the aim of owning a property for residential, investment or business purposes can buy distressed properties. Anyone ranging from random homebuyers to real estate professionals. Distressed homes are an excellent opportunity for homebuyers seeking to buy an affordable property.  Real estate investors also benefit from the affordable nature and uniqueness of distressed properties. Any property on a distressed properties list has highly motivated sellers who are ready to receive low costs in exchange for their properties in most cases. Distressed properties are always a profitable deal for whoever is buying.

How to find distressed properties for sale in Ibadan for wholesaling

Distressed property listings can be found on distressed property websites online or through physical search. They can also be found through:

  • An in depth physical search for Neglected Properties

The physical appearance of a property can help you tell whether it is a distressed property or not. A home that has been neglected in a neighborhood can be classified as distressed. You can come across homes like this by driving around town, searching. Also, a distressed property may have:

  1. Faded paint
  2. Darkness with Indoor and outdoor lights not turned on at night
  3. Overgrown weeds or neglected lawns
  4. Exterior repairs
  •  Considering Probate Opportunities

A property is referred to as probate property after a significant life event such as divorce or a death in the family, occurs.  A lot of times, those inheriting the probate property may not wish to remain there because of their emotions or negative incidents in or around the property. Hence the need to put it up for sale. 

  • Look for Bank Owned Property Listings

Sometimes some properties get taken over or repossessed by banks and sometimes lenders because of failed loan repayments.

Lenders and banks would rather get rid of assets such as this. So if you’re smart enough to come across properties like this, you may convince lenders or banks that selling the properties at a discount is their best move. 

  • Approach Out-Of-State Owners 

Some homeowners who live out of their states or countries may have properties they have not been staying on for years or no longer have need for. 

Homeowners or investors move out of state, for different reasons. Some of these reasons include permanent relocations,  change of taste or inability to financially maintain the property. This can lead to distressed properties and highly motivated sellers. These types of  distressed properties are distressed property for sale by owner. 

There are also free distressed property listings which can be found on Emir Soft Properties website www.emirsoft.ng

How to find distressed properties for sale in Ibadan Nigeria

Finding motivated sellers and eventually buying from them is one of the best ways to get distressed properties in Nigeria. 

If you are looking for motivated sellers of a house, flat, land or commercial property, visit Emirsoft property or land listings. We have done the errands for you and carried out background check to save you stress of finding distresssed properties and meeting the owner.

  • Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents such as Emirsoft.ng can help find different types of distressed properties in Ibadan. For instance there’s currently a distressed property around kasumu in Ibadan. This property is perfect for people who don’t want to go through the stress of buying land, doing surveys, and architecture drawings. The property is also free from any hassles and the road network around it is good.

  • Networking

Networking strategies in real estate involves working with financial institutions, lenders, other property agents and so on. To enable effective access to information about available housing and distressed properties listings. 

  • Finding out about foreclosed distressed properties

Foreclosed properties are properties bought with mortgage and for which the property owners are unable to continue servicing their mortgage payments.

They are often lower in the market than the average price of properties in the specific area where they are located.

The owners of these properties either allow the bank to take over or they bounce back on their own. However properties such as these usually end up as distressed properties. So finding out and targeting foreclosed properties are also a way to discover distressed properties in Nigeria. Sometimes these properties are also on distressed properties listings online. 

  • Driving around town

There are distressed properties for sale in Ibadan. Another way to easily locate them is by driving around towns. For instance there are certain areas in Ibadan with different abandoned properties. Taking time out to go around different locations or carrying out findings and research can also yield results. 


In general, having a successful real estate investing business is usually easier and made easily possible with an effective networking strategy. Staying connected Emir Soft Nigeria Limited loaded with real estate professionals of more than 20 years of experience combined in the real estate throughout your career will increase your chances of landing investing opportunities with higher profits guaranteed.
Buying distressed properties for sale in Ibadan through Emir Soft Properties is highly profitable because you get to tap into real estate investment opportunities with little or no competition. Distressed properties are often not common and may be difficult to find but by following the tips listed above, you’ll get what you want.

We save you the stress of walking or driving around to find distressed properties by yourself, Emir Soft Nigeria Limited has made it a mandate to save you the stress and provide quality and affordable distressed properties for you in Ibadan and its environ.

Visit our distressed properties page on our website to find the properties suitable for your budget. Get in touch with us to take the advantage today

Click here to check all our properties for sale in Ibadan and Nigeria at large.

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Great Arena Estate Ibadan

10 advantages of buying landed properties in Ibadan

Many people pay attention to buying landed property in Lagos without knowing that properties in Ibadan appreciates faster with long-term benefits than Lagos if you buy from trusted real estate companies in Ibadan like Emir Soft Properties.

You already know that one major advantage and benefit of investing in real estate in nigeria is that it appreciates overtime and it is a source of passive income.  What if you find a real estate opportunity in a location with minimal challenges yet more advantages?  Many have invested in lands for sale in Lagos and other areas in Nigeria. But along the line, they’ve had cause to regret it. Many have jumped at offers in Lagos despite the price of  a plot of land in lagos, because they think Lagos is the best location. Yet a larger percentage of lands and properties in Lagos are under government acquisition and owners may lose their properties to the government.

You may think that Ibadan isn’t as desirable as Lagos or some other states but have you really explored all the amazing real estate opportunities in Ibadan? Have you researched trusted real estate companies in Ibadan? Emir Soft Properties is the best real estate company that sells quality properties that give value for your money.

There are so many advantages associated with investing in real estate in Ibadan over other states. 

For instance, in different places in Ibadan Nigeria, real estate is one of the most rewarding investment options. This is due to the rapidly growing population in the city. Ibadan being the largest city in Nigeria, houses a lot of people and growing industries. All of these birth the need to invest in real estate.  Real estate in Ibadan is very profitable and affordable.

Investors’ discovery

Many top real estate investors in Nigeria are beginning to discover how lucrative the real estate market in Ibadan is. Hence many have shifted base, investing heavily in Ibadan and its environs. At the same time reaping amazing profits and returns.

Advantages of investing in trusted real estate companies in Ibadan

Investors and business owners reaping the benefits of There are lots of sense in buying properties in Ibadan other than many other locations in Nigeria. Here are some advantages of investing in real estate in Ibadan.

  1. Ibadan creates Opportunities for Real estate investment trust in Nigeria

Real estate investment trust is a new form of real estate investment in Nigeria. It involves leasing of space, collecting rents on the properties, and then distributing that income as dividends to shareholders. 

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are corporations that own or provide funding for income-producing real estate across a variety of industries with properties.

Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. So that they can earn from the profits later.  You can get genuine opportunities for this in Ibadan. 

Before the development of real estate investment trusts, potential investors could only participate in real estate investments by purchasing lands to build from scratch which most times involved a long process. But with REITs, you can now buy any real estate shares in the stock market and enjoy the benefits associated with investment trusts.

As an investor, you can also own, and manage portfolios of apartment buildings, and associated real estate assets.

  1. Cheap land for sale in Nigeria exists in Ibadan

There are more opportunities to get cheap lands for sale in Ibadan. Although real estate is now more competitive in Ibadan environs, it is still easier to come across cheap lands which you can successfully invest in here. Looking for where to get cheap land in lagos, Abuja and other competitive states might prove to be a tough task. This is because the price of land in nigeria is often unstable and ever increasing. But in Ibadan, you can still get a genuine plot of land for as low as #800,000. 

The average price of 1 acre of land in nigeria is between 8 million to 30 million naira. However in Ibadan 1 acre of land can still be gotten in some areas for as low as 3 million naira.

  1. Ibadan has more serene locations for real estate

There are a lot of serene locations in Ibadan. This is  contrary to Lagos, where almost everywhere is congested.  Areas such as Oluyole Extension where Great Arena Estate is located, and Elebu extension where the OGB Court Estate is located, some areas of Omi Adio and some other locations inside Ibadan are serene and desirable for residential and investment purposes.

  1. Larger Ibadan land is free from government acquisition, corruption and politicization of allocation.

In places such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun state and the East, there are cases of stressful procedures, corruption and continuous hassles when it comes to buying land or real estate properties. To crown it all, politicization and corruption is the order of the day. The recent ICPC comprehensive study of the corruption that characterized land administration in Abuja and identified numerous red flags and possibilities of being swindled or cheated off your investment. 

All of these are less likely to happen in Ibadan. Majority of the lands in Ibadan are owned and managed by trusted real estate companies in Ibadan.

  1. Easy land approval and allocation.

In Abuja for instance, before you can easily acquire a piece of land or invest in real estate, you may need to seek approval from the minister’s office. You can find yourself faced with a lot of insurmountable challenges in your quest to get this. In Ibadan, you don’t have to bother about this. All you need is to confirm the land from the ministry through a registered surveyor. This can be done at the comfort of your home when you engage a Emir Soft services

  1. You can avoid extra costs on land documentation in Ibadan

Just last year in Lagos, fees charged for property and land regularisation as well as other documentation which was around 25 percent of the fair market value of such property was raised to over 100 per cent. There’s so much competition in Lagos such that the government raising the taxes on lands and real estate generates more internal revenue. Things are better in Ibadan.  In Ibadan after purchasing your desired land and properties, fees charged on documentation are normal, no unnecessary increase. 

  1. Minimal cases of Fake layouts and Fraudulent Allocations

In several locations in Nigeria, there’s frequent cases of fraudulent allocations of lands. Many unsuspecting buyers have regretted and suffered losses because of this. However, investing in real estate owned by trusted real estate companies in Ibadan such as Emir Soft Properties guarantee you peace of mind over your investment. You won’t have to worry about wrong layouts or being defrauded.

  1. Delays in processing land documents is minimal in Ibadan

A major challenge in land or property purchase in Lagos especially is the delays in processing land documents. There’s a lot of delay in processing land titles because of the many processes and people involved. However, with the Oyo state currently digitizing certificate of occupancy issuance and other land documents, you never have to worry about delays in processing land documents in Ibadan. 

  1. Ibadan properties have enough space compared to Lagos and some other states

For someone who appreciates having enough space on their properties, Ibadan is a better location than Lagos. There’s no challenge of congestion, limited space, need to pay for more space or incomplete land measurements in Ibadan. You can enjoy and purchase as much space as you desire.

  1. In Ibadan, there are safer Farmlands for sale in Nigeria

Perhaps your main purpose of buying land is to farm on it for a while, Ibadan is an amazing location for this. Oyo state has been a great producer of cassava for years. Several lands are available in Ibadan which can be used as farmlands and some are later converted to lands for building properties.


Property investment requires looking into the value you will get in the short or long run. Considering buying properties in Ibadan gives you the best option when it comes to quality, affordability and higher returns and profit on investment.

You will be making a smart decision if you take a step to invest in real estate in Ibadan today.

Some great locations to consider in Ibadan are around New Garage, Elebu, Tipper Garage, and Omi Adio.

To discover more about the beautiful locations to invest in around Ibadan, check out our properties for sale on our website www.emirsoft.ng

Would you need more enlightenment about real estate investment opportunity in Ibadan? Get in touch with us today!

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Land for sale in Ibadan. Buying land in the City Vs Buying land in a remote area - Which option suits you?

Land for sale in Ibadan City Vs Remote Areas – Which option suits you?

Are you also looking for land for sale in Ibadan or where to buy cheap land in Ibadan? There are several things for you to consider.  Do you want to buy quality land in Ibadan? 

It is wise to consider important factors such as whether to buy land in the City or a remote area. The city includes developed areas where the elites reside. Land for sale in Ibadan City are mostly used for residential or commercial buildings. While remote areas refer to areas that are just developing. Most of the lands in these areas are used for farming, although there are lands used for residential purposes in these areas too. Remote areas eventually become developed areas with beautiful infrastructures.

When you are planning to buy land, you are faced with whether to buy land in well-developed or developing areas. Both options are good depending on the factors you are putting into consideration. Carefully weighing your plan, budget, features of both locations, and your purpose for buying land can help you tell which best suits you. 

Although some people will never explore the opportunities that abound in remote areas because they believe life is more fun in the City. Remote areas can be fun and develop faster too. As much as there are good locations in the City, there are also nice locations you can consider in remote places in Ibadan. Also in remote places, you can enjoy serenity and quietness. This article will help you decide whether to buy land in the City or a remote area.

Click here to check our available properteis for sale in both developed areas, and developing areas. 

Benefits of buying land for sale in Ibadan City

Buying land in the City brings about many benefits and reasons you need to invest in the city land. We have listed some of the benefits of buying land in the City you need to consider.

  1. Accessibility to good roads, amenities, and Infrastructures 

One of the benefits of buying land in the City is the availability of motorable roads. Unlike in rural areas, there are more roads in the city making transportation and connecting different places easier.

There are also infrastructures and amenities essential for making life easier in the city such as hospitals, banks, transport companies, ATM points, and many others.

  1. Stronger network and connections 

Another advantage of buying land in the city is opportunities for networking and connections with potential investors.

According to the UN – the United Nations, more than half of the world’s population resides in the City. In 1950, about 800 million people were discovered to be living in urban-defined areas. Today in 2022, more than 4 billion people reside in the City worldwide. This further proves that living in the City guarantees more opportunities with potential collaborators and investors. 

Stronger networks and career growth are possible in the City. You are able to relate more with urban people and have a stronger network for your career and modern businesses.

  1. Good Internet Facilities and Incentives

Buying land in the City guarantees you access to faster internet services, more fun and nightlife options, better health care services, and more incentives. For instance, if you decide to buy land for sale in Challenge Ibadan, you will enjoy the location advantage. Challenge is in the heart of Ibadan, just like Ring road, Challenge, Iwo Road, and many other strategic locations suitable for residential, businesses, and investments. Several organizations and businesses have their branches in or around Challenge and Ring road.   So, buying lands for sale in Ring road Ibadan and lands in Challenge for commercial purposes can help promote your brand and your relationship with others. You will also enjoy the closeness and easy collaborations with other businesses.

  1. Faster returns on investment

The major purpose of investment or buying properties for investment is to get a higher return. No business-minded person would want his principal payment to remain the same after some months of investment. Buying land in the City of Ibadan from Emir Soft Properties guarantees you a maximum investment in due time. In fact, the clients that bought Amugri Court Estate New Garage Ibadan gained 50% profits on each plot of land they bought at the estate three months ago when we sold a plot of land for 10 million Naira. The land has appreciated greatly and is currently selling at 15 million Naira per plot while the price will soon appreciate 20 million Naira per plot in a few months. A wise person should take advantage and book a plot in the estate before the price increases again.

Buying land and building in the city guarantees faster returns if you are using your property for residential or commercial purposes. According to history, properties located in defined urban areas tend to appreciate at a faster pace than those located in towns and villages.

Buying land in remote areas in Ibadan has proven to be one of the best and most affordable ways to invest in properties and generate good returns. Among many other great benefits, It gives opportunity to the middle-earners and lower-earners on property investment.

Benefits of buying land for sale in Ibadan remote areas

One of the incentives towards seeking where to buy cheap land in Ibadan is the rising of costs of lands as well as the cost of surveying a plot of land in Ibadan. 

Surveying your plot of land is very important in documenting your property and also protecting your land. The costs of land survey in Ibadan ranges from between 80 thousand naira to 250 thousand naira. In Lagos the cost ranges from between 350 thousand Naira for 0-1000 square meter plot size to 500 thousand Naira for 0-1000 square meter plot size. Depending on the area and land zone, you may spend close to 1 million Naira or more for a 0-1000 square meter plot. Hence it is more beneficial buying in remote areas if you can’t afford high costs of survey.

  1. Cheaper costs

Buying land in remote areas is considerably affordable and cheaper. For instance, in the remote places in Ibadan, averagely the cheapest cost for half a plot of land may be 300,000 naira or lower. So, the cost of land in the City is enough reason to encourage you to consider remote areas.

In fast-developing areas in Ibadan, if you ask how much is half a plot of land, you’ll discover exorbitant prices to discourage you. Hence the property affordability in remote areas is also a great benefit. This makes many people become landlords in no time.

  1. Promotes farming activities

In remote areas, it is quite easier to practice farming on land. The atmosphere, nature of the soil, and terrain in remote areas support farming more than in the City. Emir Soft Properties has some farmlands for sale in Ibadan in remote areas.

  1. Lower costs of living

You don’t have to spend so much on bills, transportation, and pleasure if living in the remote areas of Ibadan. Most things in rural areas are almost free and affordable.

  1. Space 

If you’re a fan of space, remote areas are the best places to look out for. You can be assured you are getting the exact measurements or even “Jara (addition)” for every land you buy. There’s also no risk of choking or obstruction. 

What We Offer At Emirsoft.ng.

In general, you can find lands for residential, business and investment purposes either in the City or in remote areas. Both areas have their advantages and importance. Knowing the purpose of buying land, your budget, and your preference can help you decide the best location for yourself. There are still lands for sale in Challenge Ibadan and other places in the City, such as New Garage Ibadan. Amugiri Court Estate New Garage Ibadan, and Great Arena Estate, Off Tipper Garage on Akala Expressway, are the best options if you want to buy land for sale in Ibadan that combines luxury with good returns on investment

There are land for sale in Ibadan, New Garage and environs too. New Garage has two commercial lands suitable for business purposes. If you are looking to start an Eatery, a Supermarket, a filling station, a gas station, a Pharmacy, a shopping complex, or a clubhouse, you should consider checking these lands out. 

Contact Emir Soft properties for more details

The land for sale in Ibadan, Elebu precisely, is located at OGB Court Estate, Elebu Extension Ibadan. This land is located in a very fast-developing area suitable for investment and residential purposes. Not only is land affordable here, but you also get to enjoy the serenity and freshness that comes with remote areas, unlike the City. 

Soft Dominican Estate, Omi Adio, Ibadan-Abeokuta Expressway is another good remote location where you can currently get genuine and cost-friendly land. 

Exquisitely looking in Omi Adio Ibadan, the land per plot currently costs 1.7 million Naira. With estates like Soft Dominican, buying lands in remote areas is even easier and fun. This is because the estate is exquisitely built and secured like it is in the City. 

It doesn’t matter where you desire or your purchase purpose; buying land in Ibadan is a good investment any day. 
Take a step today, and contact us for more information on either buying in the City or in remote areas. You can also connect with us and  book a call for FREE CONSULTATION through +2349060700688

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Photo of New Garage Ibadan

New Garage and the best 5 locations to buy land in Ibadan

Ibadan has been a profitable centre for marketing and trading since it was created in 1829, with New Garage Ibadan coming up on the list. Ibadan has been a fantastic marketing center for traders and goods from the forest and grassland areas.

Ibadan, the third biggest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, has a population of about three million inhabitants.

The first Housing Estate in Nigeria-The Bodija Housing Estate was built here in Ibadan in 1958. This has brought about the need to prepare more lands for farming, residence, and Investment. These lands are necessary for setting up more factories, industries, and residential areas in Ibadan as a result of the continuous migration of people from rural regions to the city.

Many who live in Lagos complain of the harsh conditions and stressful costs of living, and many who live in Abeokuta complain of the reduced opportunities. Being in between these states has made it even more desirable for people to choose Ibadan as a Freeland state ahead of many other states in the Southwest region of Nigeria. As a result, more people migrate to Ibadan; especially from smaller cities around.

The New Garage Ibadan

Among many other locations to buy land suitable for residential, investment and business purposes found New Garage which serves as the direct link to many notable and popular places in Ibadan. This makes New Garage one of the best, even if not the best locations someone with a desire for genuine, quality, luxurious and peaceful property could ever dream of. New garage environs are highly overlooked, yet it is a very commercial area and excellent to invest in when it comes to land purchase.

Ibadan, without a doubt, is the largest city in Nigeria by geographical size. This is why Ibadan’s real estate market is fast rising. Almost every location in Ibadan is valuable and good for land investment. Some places appear preferable and New Garage stands out.

5 other great locations to buy land in Ibadan aside New Garage Ibadan

In the prestigious city of Ibadan, these five locations are said to be more desired for landed property buying.  These locations are desired for different reasons. For some it is the environment’s serenity, for others, it is the availability of electricity and good roads.

1. Elebu (Along Akala Expressway and Oluyole Extension).

Elebu is a well-developing area and extended to other parts that are fast-developing and suitable for residential and investment purposes. Being a location that is surrounded by the busy and famous Akala Expressway and the lovely Oluyole Extension makes it even more desirable. Asides from the fact that the land prices are affordable in this location, Elebu has a good layout, an active market, and several private owned businesses such as supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, pharmacies, and many more. The influx of people in these areas makes Elebu a desirable location for land buyers.

2. Omi-Adio

Omi Adio is a popular location along Ibadan Abeokuta Expressway. Omi-Adio is on the outskirts of Ibadan. Some people prefer it because it is at the entrance of Ibadan from Abeokuta and there’s a lot of peace. Here the population is quite low, and the cost of living is far cheaper with affordable things. Cheap foodstuffs, cheaper housing, and cheaper power supply taxes. Omi-Adio is also suitable for those who like fresh rural settings and people working in Ogun State who have to commute between their family in Ibadan and work in Ogun state.

3. Akaran Ona-Ara

Akaran Ona-Ara shares the same proximity with the popular Ilaji Hotel and Resort. This popular resort has brought about development in the location. More people are interested in the site because of the expected influx of people in that area as they visit the resort.

This location is considered perfect to buy the most-affordable land because of its suitability for Investment due to its rapid development.

4. Ologuneru and Ido LG

Ologuneru is a location around the Ido local government. From the Ido local government, one can easily link Ologuneru. Lots of estate properties are situated in Ologuneru. Over the years, many estate creators have tapped into the area for its seemingly lucrative real estate business.

Another factor is that food is cheap around this location, and for people interested in serene and new sites, Ologuneru is your perfect location.

5. Moniya

Moniya has become more considered and preferred in recent times. This is due to the setting up of railways linking Ibadan to Lagos in this location. The popular International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Ibadan radio station (Amuludun FM) are also within this environment. The railways link Lagos to Ibadan and ease transportation to Lagos and Ibadan from the area. And because it is cheaper and less stressful to go to Lagos by rail, more people have decided that building industries, businesses, or houses around this location are a good idea.

Why New Garage Ibadan stands out as an excellent location to buy landed properties in Ibadan

Easy access to notable places

New Garage Ibadan is one of the few amazing yet undiscovered and unnoticed places to acquire land in Ibadan. Beautiful locations in New Garage share proximity with Lam Adesina Way, NIMC office, Gastab Filling Station, New Garage Market, Akala Expressway, Orita Challenge, Challenge, Toll Gate, Lead City University, and many other highly commercial and fun places. Aside from the wonderful locations around it, thousands of people ply the route every day on their way to Lagos and other states; giving New Garage environs a busy, safe, and lucrative advantage.

Improved environmental comfort

The Lam Adesina Way connects the challenge express with the toll gate. This route is always busy and travelers often ply the route. Gastab Filling Station located in New Garage is popular for its lively mood for Bikes and car owners drive into this station daily giving the area a “no dull moments” appeal.  On Akala express route alone, several businesses and organizations, have their businesses built and established.

Investment and business spot

Whether for residential purposes or investment purposes, you can never go wrong investing in lands on this route. Most of the major roads in New Garage have been constructed and well-tarred. This makes it easier to navigate new garage environments.

Consequently, housing estates such as the Amugiri Court Estate, which houses well-structured lands and houses, are also situated on New Garage. Other benefits of the New Garage include good security, improved and stable electricity, availability of good oil stations, closeness to amusement parks, malls, and cinema, as well as other exciting side attractions.


The New Garage Ibadan has proved to be undoubtedly the best location for property investment and residential purposes. Buying Estate land at New Garage Ibadan gives you double of your investment in a few months. It’s the best land deal you can ever imagine due to the significant landmarks that surround the area.

Amugirit Court Estate located at New Garage Ibadan guarantees double of your investment in a few months. The estate land appreciates faster and it’s best to buy the land before price increases and demand becomes more than supply. Would you love to inspect the estate?

Get in touch with us now to buy affordable land in Ibadan.

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