Do you know  you can get good deals on distressed properties for sale in Ibadan that will give you a high return in a short or long run? These properties mostly cost less than they should in Ibadan to give a better chance to maximize profit on your investment? This can happen if you look into investing in distressed properties. Many investors have discovered how profitable and good it is to invest in distressed properties most especially in Ibadan than many other locations. All they need to do is get access to distressed properties listings. You can either decide to invest in them for flipping purposes or for personal use.

Distressed properties listings are best discovered from a reliable source and are good opportunities to get land or properties cheaper than what it really costs. That a property is regarded as distressed doesn’t mean that anything serious is wrong with the properties, it just means that the owners of the properties are unable to maintain or own them anymore. Or in rare cases the owners of the properties are considering permanent relocation away from the location.

A distressed property may either be physically or financially (or both) unmaintained by the owner. It may also be for business and investment purposes.  Sometimes these properties are found to be in poor condition due to neglect, or because it is at risk of being foreclosed upon. However, they are never too bad to be renovated. This also won’t reduce the ability to make profit from them. Distressed properties listings always offer undervalued deals that are very attractive to investors. This helps to increase your profit margin. 

Who can buy distressed properties for sale in Ibadan

Anyone with the aim of owning a property for residential, investment or business purposes can buy distressed properties. Anyone ranging from random homebuyers to real estate professionals. Distressed homes are an excellent opportunity for homebuyers seeking to buy an affordable property.  Real estate investors also benefit from the affordable nature and uniqueness of distressed properties. Any property on a distressed properties list has highly motivated sellers who are ready to receive low costs in exchange for their properties in most cases. Distressed properties are always a profitable deal for whoever is buying.

How to find distressed properties for sale in Ibadan for wholesaling

Distressed property listings can be found on distressed property websites online or through physical search. They can also be found through:

  • An in depth physical search for Neglected Properties

The physical appearance of a property can help you tell whether it is a distressed property or not. A home that has been neglected in a neighborhood can be classified as distressed. You can come across homes like this by driving around town, searching. Also, a distressed property may have:

  1. Faded paint
  2. Darkness with Indoor and outdoor lights not turned on at night
  3. Overgrown weeds or neglected lawns
  4. Exterior repairs
  •  Considering Probate Opportunities

A property is referred to as probate property after a significant life event such as divorce or a death in the family, occurs.  A lot of times, those inheriting the probate property may not wish to remain there because of their emotions or negative incidents in or around the property. Hence the need to put it up for sale. 

  • Look for Bank Owned Property Listings

Sometimes some properties get taken over or repossessed by banks and sometimes lenders because of failed loan repayments.

Lenders and banks would rather get rid of assets such as this. So if you’re smart enough to come across properties like this, you may convince lenders or banks that selling the properties at a discount is their best move. 

  • Approach Out-Of-State Owners 

Some homeowners who live out of their states or countries may have properties they have not been staying on for years or no longer have need for. 

Homeowners or investors move out of state, for different reasons. Some of these reasons include permanent relocations,  change of taste or inability to financially maintain the property. This can lead to distressed properties and highly motivated sellers. These types of  distressed properties are distressed property for sale by owner. 

There are also free distressed property listings which can be found on Emir Soft Properties website

How to find distressed properties for sale in Ibadan Nigeria

Finding motivated sellers and eventually buying from them is one of the best ways to get distressed properties in Nigeria. 

If you are looking for motivated sellers of a house, flat, land or commercial property, visit Emirsoft property or land listings. We have done the errands for you and carried out background check to save you stress of finding distresssed properties and meeting the owner.

  • Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents such as can help find different types of distressed properties in Ibadan. For instance there’s currently a distressed property around kasumu in Ibadan. This property is perfect for people who don’t want to go through the stress of buying land, doing surveys, and architecture drawings. The property is also free from any hassles and the road network around it is good.

  • Networking

Networking strategies in real estate involves working with financial institutions, lenders, other property agents and so on. To enable effective access to information about available housing and distressed properties listings. 

  • Finding out about foreclosed distressed properties

Foreclosed properties are properties bought with mortgage and for which the property owners are unable to continue servicing their mortgage payments.

They are often lower in the market than the average price of properties in the specific area where they are located.

The owners of these properties either allow the bank to take over or they bounce back on their own. However properties such as these usually end up as distressed properties. So finding out and targeting foreclosed properties are also a way to discover distressed properties in Nigeria. Sometimes these properties are also on distressed properties listings online. 

  • Driving around town

There are distressed properties for sale in Ibadan. Another way to easily locate them is by driving around towns. For instance there are certain areas in Ibadan with different abandoned properties. Taking time out to go around different locations or carrying out findings and research can also yield results. 


In general, having a successful real estate investing business is usually easier and made easily possible with an effective networking strategy. Staying connected Emir Soft Nigeria Limited loaded with real estate professionals of more than 20 years of experience combined in the real estate throughout your career will increase your chances of landing investing opportunities with higher profits guaranteed.
Buying distressed properties for sale in Ibadan through Emir Soft Properties is highly profitable because you get to tap into real estate investment opportunities with little or no competition. Distressed properties are often not common and may be difficult to find but by following the tips listed above, you’ll get what you want.

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