Guide To Finding Commercial Properties in Ibadan

Finding the right commercial property in Ibadan can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the local market and the legal requirements. That's why we prepared this guide to help you find your dream commercial property in Ibadan.

Top 3 Commercial Land Locations in Ibadan

Oke-Ado Ibadan

This is one of the busiest and most accessible areas in Ibadan. It is close to major roads, markets, banks, schools, hospitals, and other amenities. It is ideal for businesses that cater to a large and diverse customer base.

Bodija Ibadan

This is one of the most affluent and prestigious areas in Ibadan. It is home to many high-end residential estates, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and shopping malls. It is ideal for businesses that target upscale and sophisticated customers.

Dugbe Ibadan

This is one of the oldest and most historic areas in Ibadan. It is the commercial hub of the city, where many wholesale and retail businesses operate. It is ideal for businesses that deal with goods and services that have high turnover and volume.

Why You Should Buy This Commercial Property in Oke-Ado Ibadan

This modern commercial property will boost your business and give you a competitive edge in Ibadan. You should check out this amazing property that we have for sale at Oke-Ado Molete, one of the most strategic and lucrative locations in the city.
This property is a newly built open-space building and can accommodate any type of business, such as an eatery, bank, hospital, supermarket, church, and more.

We Offer Free Property Investment Consultation

Save yourself from losing your hard-earned money by buying properties with a series of issues.

We are always ready to listen to you and guide you on the right property investment to take with no hassle.

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