Are you also looking for land for sale in Ibadan or where to buy cheap land in Ibadan? There are several things for you to consider.  Do you want to buy quality land in Ibadan? 

It is wise to consider important factors such as whether to buy land in the City or a remote area. The city includes developed areas where the elites reside. Land for sale in Ibadan City are mostly used for residential or commercial buildings. While remote areas refer to areas that are just developing. Most of the lands in these areas are used for farming, although there are lands used for residential purposes in these areas too. Remote areas eventually become developed areas with beautiful infrastructures.

When you are planning to buy land, you are faced with whether to buy land in well-developed or developing areas. Both options are good depending on the factors you are putting into consideration. Carefully weighing your plan, budget, features of both locations, and your purpose for buying land can help you tell which best suits you. 

Although some people will never explore the opportunities that abound in remote areas because they believe life is more fun in the City. Remote areas can be fun and develop faster too. As much as there are good locations in the City, there are also nice locations you can consider in remote places in Ibadan. Also in remote places, you can enjoy serenity and quietness. This article will help you decide whether to buy land in the City or a remote area.

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Benefits of buying land for sale in Ibadan City

Buying land in the City brings about many benefits and reasons you need to invest in the city land. We have listed some of the benefits of buying land in the City you need to consider.

  1. Accessibility to good roads, amenities, and Infrastructures 

One of the benefits of buying land in the City is the availability of motorable roads. Unlike in rural areas, there are more roads in the city making transportation and connecting different places easier.

There are also infrastructures and amenities essential for making life easier in the city such as hospitals, banks, transport companies, ATM points, and many others.

  1. Stronger network and connections 

Another advantage of buying land in the city is opportunities for networking and connections with potential investors.

According to the UN – the United Nations, more than half of the world’s population resides in the City. In 1950, about 800 million people were discovered to be living in urban-defined areas. Today in 2022, more than 4 billion people reside in the City worldwide. This further proves that living in the City guarantees more opportunities with potential collaborators and investors. 

Stronger networks and career growth are possible in the City. You are able to relate more with urban people and have a stronger network for your career and modern businesses.

  1. Good Internet Facilities and Incentives

Buying land in the City guarantees you access to faster internet services, more fun and nightlife options, better health care services, and more incentives. For instance, if you decide to buy land for sale in Challenge Ibadan, you will enjoy the location advantage. Challenge is in the heart of Ibadan, just like Ring road, Challenge, Iwo Road, and many other strategic locations suitable for residential, businesses, and investments. Several organizations and businesses have their branches in or around Challenge and Ring road.   So, buying lands for sale in Ring road Ibadan and lands in Challenge for commercial purposes can help promote your brand and your relationship with others. You will also enjoy the closeness and easy collaborations with other businesses.

  1. Faster returns on investment

The major purpose of investment or buying properties for investment is to get a higher return. No business-minded person would want his principal payment to remain the same after some months of investment. Buying land in the City of Ibadan from Emir Soft Properties guarantees you a maximum investment in due time. In fact, the clients that bought Amugri Court Estate New Garage Ibadan gained 50% profits on each plot of land they bought at the estate three months ago when we sold a plot of land for 10 million Naira. The land has appreciated greatly and is currently selling at 15 million Naira per plot while the price will soon appreciate 20 million Naira per plot in a few months. A wise person should take advantage and book a plot in the estate before the price increases again.

Buying land and building in the city guarantees faster returns if you are using your property for residential or commercial purposes. According to history, properties located in defined urban areas tend to appreciate at a faster pace than those located in towns and villages.

Buying land in remote areas in Ibadan has proven to be one of the best and most affordable ways to invest in properties and generate good returns. Among many other great benefits, It gives opportunity to the middle-earners and lower-earners on property investment.

Benefits of buying land for sale in Ibadan remote areas

One of the incentives towards seeking where to buy cheap land in Ibadan is the rising of costs of lands as well as the cost of surveying a plot of land in Ibadan. 

Surveying your plot of land is very important in documenting your property and also protecting your land. The costs of land survey in Ibadan ranges from between 80 thousand naira to 250 thousand naira. In Lagos the cost ranges from between 350 thousand Naira for 0-1000 square meter plot size to 500 thousand Naira for 0-1000 square meter plot size. Depending on the area and land zone, you may spend close to 1 million Naira or more for a 0-1000 square meter plot. Hence it is more beneficial buying in remote areas if you can’t afford high costs of survey.

  1. Cheaper costs

Buying land in remote areas is considerably affordable and cheaper. For instance, in the remote places in Ibadan, averagely the cheapest cost for half a plot of land may be 300,000 naira or lower. So, the cost of land in the City is enough reason to encourage you to consider remote areas.

In fast-developing areas in Ibadan, if you ask how much is half a plot of land, you’ll discover exorbitant prices to discourage you. Hence the property affordability in remote areas is also a great benefit. This makes many people become landlords in no time.

  1. Promotes farming activities

In remote areas, it is quite easier to practice farming on land. The atmosphere, nature of the soil, and terrain in remote areas support farming more than in the City. Emir Soft Properties has some farmlands for sale in Ibadan in remote areas.

  1. Lower costs of living

You don’t have to spend so much on bills, transportation, and pleasure if living in the remote areas of Ibadan. Most things in rural areas are almost free and affordable.

  1. Space 

If you’re a fan of space, remote areas are the best places to look out for. You can be assured you are getting the exact measurements or even “Jara (addition)” for every land you buy. There’s also no risk of choking or obstruction. 

What We Offer At

In general, you can find lands for residential, business and investment purposes either in the City or in remote areas. Both areas have their advantages and importance. Knowing the purpose of buying land, your budget, and your preference can help you decide the best location for yourself. There are still lands for sale in Challenge Ibadan and other places in the City, such as New Garage Ibadan. Amugiri Court Estate New Garage Ibadan, and Great Arena Estate, Off Tipper Garage on Akala Expressway, are the best options if you want to buy land for sale in Ibadan that combines luxury with good returns on investment

There are land for sale in Ibadan, New Garage and environs too. New Garage has two commercial lands suitable for business purposes. If you are looking to start an Eatery, a Supermarket, a filling station, a gas station, a Pharmacy, a shopping complex, or a clubhouse, you should consider checking these lands out. 

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The land for sale in Ibadan, Elebu precisely, is located at OGB Court Estate, Elebu Extension Ibadan. This land is located in a very fast-developing area suitable for investment and residential purposes. Not only is land affordable here, but you also get to enjoy the serenity and freshness that comes with remote areas, unlike the City. 

Soft Dominican Estate, Omi Adio, Ibadan-Abeokuta Expressway is another good remote location where you can currently get genuine and cost-friendly land. 

Exquisitely looking in Omi Adio Ibadan, the land per plot currently costs 1.7 million Naira. With estates like Soft Dominican, buying lands in remote areas is even easier and fun. This is because the estate is exquisitely built and secured like it is in the City. 

It doesn’t matter where you desire or your purchase purpose; buying land in Ibadan is a good investment any day. 
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