Ibadan has been a profitable centre for marketing and trading since it was created in 1829, with New Garage Ibadan coming up on the list. Ibadan has been a fantastic marketing center for traders and goods from the forest and grassland areas.

Ibadan, the third biggest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, has a population of about three million inhabitants.

The first Housing Estate in Nigeria-The Bodija Housing Estate was built here in Ibadan in 1958. This has brought about the need to prepare more lands for farming, residence, and Investment. These lands are necessary for setting up more factories, industries, and residential areas in Ibadan as a result of the continuous migration of people from rural regions to the city.

Many who live in Lagos complain of the harsh conditions and stressful costs of living, and many who live in Abeokuta complain of the reduced opportunities. Being in between these states has made it even more desirable for people to choose Ibadan as a Freeland state ahead of many other states in the Southwest region of Nigeria. As a result, more people migrate to Ibadan; especially from smaller cities around.

The New Garage Ibadan

Among many other locations to buy land suitable for residential, investment and business purposes found New Garage which serves as the direct link to many notable and popular places in Ibadan. This makes New Garage one of the best, even if not the best locations someone with a desire for genuine, quality, luxurious and peaceful property could ever dream of. New garage environs are highly overlooked, yet it is a very commercial area and excellent to invest in when it comes to land purchase.

Ibadan, without a doubt, is the largest city in Nigeria by geographical size. This is why Ibadan’s real estate market is fast rising. Almost every location in Ibadan is valuable and good for land investment. Some places appear preferable and New Garage stands out.

5 other great locations to buy land in Ibadan aside New Garage Ibadan

In the prestigious city of Ibadan, these five locations are said to be more desired for landed property buying.  These locations are desired for different reasons. For some it is the environment’s serenity, for others, it is the availability of electricity and good roads.

1. Elebu (Along Akala Expressway and Oluyole Extension).

Elebu is a well-developing area and extended to other parts that are fast-developing and suitable for residential and investment purposes. Being a location that is surrounded by the busy and famous Akala Expressway and the lovely Oluyole Extension makes it even more desirable. Asides from the fact that the land prices are affordable in this location, Elebu has a good layout, an active market, and several private owned businesses such as supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, pharmacies, and many more. The influx of people in these areas makes Elebu a desirable location for land buyers.

2. Omi-Adio

Omi Adio is a popular location along Ibadan Abeokuta Expressway. Omi-Adio is on the outskirts of Ibadan. Some people prefer it because it is at the entrance of Ibadan from Abeokuta and there’s a lot of peace. Here the population is quite low, and the cost of living is far cheaper with affordable things. Cheap foodstuffs, cheaper housing, and cheaper power supply taxes. Omi-Adio is also suitable for those who like fresh rural settings and people working in Ogun State who have to commute between their family in Ibadan and work in Ogun state.

3. Akaran Ona-Ara

Akaran Ona-Ara shares the same proximity with the popular Ilaji Hotel and Resort. This popular resort has brought about development in the location. More people are interested in the site because of the expected influx of people in that area as they visit the resort.

This location is considered perfect to buy the most-affordable land because of its suitability for Investment due to its rapid development.

4. Ologuneru and Ido LG

Ologuneru is a location around the Ido local government. From the Ido local government, one can easily link Ologuneru. Lots of estate properties are situated in Ologuneru. Over the years, many estate creators have tapped into the area for its seemingly lucrative real estate business.

Another factor is that food is cheap around this location, and for people interested in serene and new sites, Ologuneru is your perfect location.

5. Moniya

Moniya has become more considered and preferred in recent times. This is due to the setting up of railways linking Ibadan to Lagos in this location. The popular International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Ibadan radio station (Amuludun FM) are also within this environment. The railways link Lagos to Ibadan and ease transportation to Lagos and Ibadan from the area. And because it is cheaper and less stressful to go to Lagos by rail, more people have decided that building industries, businesses, or houses around this location are a good idea.

Why New Garage Ibadan stands out as an excellent location to buy landed properties in Ibadan

Easy access to notable places

New Garage Ibadan is one of the few amazing yet undiscovered and unnoticed places to acquire land in Ibadan. Beautiful locations in New Garage share proximity with Lam Adesina Way, NIMC office, Gastab Filling Station, New Garage Market, Akala Expressway, Orita Challenge, Challenge, Toll Gate, Lead City University, and many other highly commercial and fun places. Aside from the wonderful locations around it, thousands of people ply the route every day on their way to Lagos and other states; giving New Garage environs a busy, safe, and lucrative advantage.

Improved environmental comfort

The Lam Adesina Way connects the challenge express with the toll gate. This route is always busy and travelers often ply the route. Gastab Filling Station located in New Garage is popular for its lively mood for Bikes and car owners drive into this station daily giving the area a “no dull moments” appeal.  On Akala express route alone, several businesses and organizations, have their businesses built and established.

Investment and business spot

Whether for residential purposes or investment purposes, you can never go wrong investing in lands on this route. Most of the major roads in New Garage have been constructed and well-tarred. This makes it easier to navigate new garage environments.

Consequently, housing estates such as the Amugiri Court Estate, which houses well-structured lands and houses, are also situated on New Garage. Other benefits of the New Garage include good security, improved and stable electricity, availability of good oil stations, closeness to amusement parks, malls, and cinema, as well as other exciting side attractions.


The New Garage Ibadan has proved to be undoubtedly the best location for property investment and residential purposes. Buying Estate land at New Garage Ibadan gives you double of your investment in a few months. It’s the best land deal you can ever imagine due to the significant landmarks that surround the area.

Amugirit Court Estate located at New Garage Ibadan guarantees double of your investment in a few months. The estate land appreciates faster and it’s best to buy the land before price increases and demand becomes more than supply. Would you love to inspect the estate?

Get in touch with us now to buy affordable land in Ibadan.

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