Services of Emir Soft Properties

We are real estate professionals with more than 20 years of experience combined in the industry. We prioritize protecting the value of our client’s property with our reliable services. We take pride in delivering quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our services include estate and property development, property sales and marketing, consultation, design, construction, engineering, property maintenance etc.

We have a commitment to the community and the environment in each of the regions where we operate. We take care of natural resources and protect native ecosystems.

Our Expertise and Specialties
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Estate Development

We offer the most valuable and well-planned estates with design that span and equate global designs. We pre-empt consumers’ needs for a better life innovation and evolution.

Construction and Engineering

We oversee the design and implementation of large building projects. We design and execute processes for building and maintaining the infrastructures.

Property Sales and Leasing

Our approach to sourcing buyers and tenants is pragmatic recognising the overriding value of personal promotion through networking and canvassing as well as utilizing advertising mediums that generate results.

Maintenance and Repairs

We maintain and work to keep, restore or improve every facility in your building. We service to taste and currently acceptable standards and sustain the utility and value of the facility.

Building and Renovation

Whether building a brand new home or renovating an existing home, We are in the business of helping you realize your dreams.

Property Management and Advisory

We help clients across the globe achieve capital asset management goals, comply with internal and external regulatory requirements and satisfy auditor scrutiny.

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